What to Eat in Prague

What to eat in Prague | Guláš (goulash) Czech traditional cuisine has been influenced by German, Austrian, and Hungarian cuisine. The most used ingredients are tubers (potato, carrot, etc.), cabbage, mushrooms, and game meat. In restaurants you will find various meats with sauces, roasted meats, sausages, etc. Are you going to visit Prague? We invite …

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Prague Maps to Download

Prague maps can be downloaded as PDF. Maps for the metro, the city’s monuments, Prague Castle, and many other places are useful resources to have during your stay. If you are thinking of doing a fantastic free tour of Prague, in the different maps you can check some of the places that we will visit …

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Exchanging Money in Prague

The Czech Republic is one of the few European Union countries that doesn’t use the euro. The country’s official currency is the Czech Crown (CZK), or Česká Koruna (Kč) in Czech. Therefore, if you come to Prague, you will need to exchange money since not all places accept credit cards or euros.

Prague Public Transport

Prague public transport is completely integrated, which means that you can travel in any type of transport, with as many transfers, and as many times as you need within the duration of your ticket’s period of validity. It’s a flexible system that allows you to reach any part of the city with ease. Prague Metro …

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