Prague Public Transport

Prague public transport is completely integrated, which means that you can travel in any type of transport, with as many transfers, and as many times as you need within the duration of your ticket’s period of validity. It’s a flexible system that allows you to reach any part of the city with ease.

Prague Public Transport

Prague Metro

Prague metro has 3 lines (A, B, and C), and operates daily from 04:45h to 00:00h. It operates every 2 to 3 minutes during peak times, and every 5 to 10 minutes during non-peak hours. All metro lines travel through the city center.


Prague’s trams consist of 26 day-time and 9 night-time routes. Day routes operate from 04:30h to 00:00h, and night routes from 00:30h to 04:30h.

Night trams are numbered 90 to 99 and often have a 30-minute frequency. The transfer stop for night routes is Lazárska. There is a tram schedule posted at each stop.

Tram 41: This historical tram operates on Saturdays and Sundays between March and November, as well as during holidays. It travels through some of the most emblematic Prague landmarks such as Wenceslaus Square, Prague Castle, the National Theatre, Republic Square, and several others (for more information, click here). It operates from 12:00h to 17:00h


Buses have day-time and night-time routes similar to trams. Day routes operate from 04:30h to 00:00h, and night routes from 00:30h to 04:30h There is a bus schedule posted at each stop. Night buses are numbered 502 to 514 and 601 to 603.

Petřín’s Funicular

Petřín’s funicular is also part of Prague public transport. It lets you reach the top of Petřín Hill, one of the most beautiful city parks with breathtaking views from its famous lookout tower. The trip on the funicular lasts about 2 minutes, beginning at Újezd, stopping at Nebozízek, and finishing at Petřín. It operates daily from 09:00h to 23:00h and leaves every 10 and 15 minutes. To ride the tram, you can buy a 30-minute ticket or one of a longer duration.

Getting to/from Prague Airport

Getting to/from Prague AirportPrague airport (Václav Havel’s Airport) is well connected by public transport. Also there is a special bus service AE (Airport Express) that connects the airport to the city’s main train station (Hlavní nádraží). Please note that the AE bus is NOT part of the integrated public transport system, therefore you need a separate ticket to use it.

Another option from and to the airport is to use bus 100 from metro station Zličín (line B), or bus 119 from metro station Nádraží Veleslavín (line A).

For further details, you can read our article on how to reach Prague’s city center from the airport.

Where to buy the tickets

Prague public transport ticketsPrague’s public transport tickets can be bought at transport counters and/or automated machines at metro stations and next to several of the tram stops, at the public transport information centers in airport terminals 1 and 2, and in some small shops and mini-markets.

Fares for Prague Public Transport

  • 30 minutos: 24 CZK
  • 90 minutos: 32 CZK
  • 24 horas: 110 CZK 24 hours: 110 CZK
  • 72 horas: 310 CZK
  • Equipaje: 16 CZK
  • AE (Airport Express): 60 CZK
  • Tranvía 41: 35 CZK (se abona en el tranvía)

Fare Inspections

Fare InspectionsTickets must be validated in the yellow machines that are found inside trams, buses, and prior to the escalators to the metro platforms. Fare inspections occur at random by transport personnel.

Fare inspectors have the authority to fine any passenger who is traveling with an unvalidated ticket or without a ticket

The official website of Prague public transport is

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